Joba needs surgery to repair dislocated ankle

Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain, who has been out since last June while rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery, suffered a major setback last night as he needed surgery after he dislocated his right ankle, according to Jack Curry of the YES Network.

Cashman called the injury an “open dislocation” and said that Joba suffered it while playing on a trampoline with his son.┬áJoba is expected to be in the hospital for several days and it is too early to put a timeframe on a potential return, but this is considered a significant injury – his season may very well be over.

A trampoline? Really? That seems like a terrible idea for a professional athlete. Now Joba’s career is at risk while he was doing so well on his rehab. What a stupid move. We will of course keep you updated with any new information that comes out.

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One Response to Joba needs surgery to repair dislocated ankle

  1. john says:

    I first hope he gets back ok.
    Also that his son wasnt traumatized by seeing his father injured so severely.
    Also hope this is the truth of what happened.
    Not accussing but how many athletes lie about how they get hurt?

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