Pettitte’s un-retirement doesn’t change Posada’s plans 4

Now that Andy Pettitte has returned and Raul Ibanez‘s spring numbers are not upto the liking of some fans it might seem like the perfect opportunity for Jorge Posada to make his comeback and go for a DH spot.

Just don’t hold your breath.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post checked back in with Posada since the Pettitte news broke and Posada told him that he is staying retired and the news has changed nothing.

So much for the band getting back together.┬áIt’s a shame too because while Posada didn’t have a great year last year, he did manage an .814 OPS and a .351 wOBA against righties last year while Ibanez only managed a .747 and .319 against them respectively.

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4 thoughts on “Pettitte’s un-retirement doesn’t change Posada’s plans

  • Ralph Edward

    Cashman and Girardi are responsible for Posada retirement, I agree with Tanned Tom in reference to Ibañez, his is finish
    soon they will have to dealt Garcia and get a DH. In addition pray that Martin does not get hurt, them the staff will have a lot of problems with the catcher just like Nova in his last game.

    • Rob Abruzzese Post author

      Nova had his problems with Gustavo Molina who probably will not be seen in the Bronx this year without more than one injury. Romine is at the point where they would just bring him up and use him if there was an injury.

  • Jeaanmarie D'Azzo

    The loss of Jorge is the makings of the present management at Yankeeville. Let's put the blame where
    it belongs…The same Guys made the Bernie White decision. With friend's like that, who needs the Boston Redsox? Mama mia!

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