Quote: Berkman wanted Pettitte to pitch for the Cardinals

At a press conference to announce his comeback, Andy Pettitte said that his heart was in New York and that he was either coming back to the Bronx or not coming back at all.

That didn’t stop Lance Berkman, his former teammate with the Astros, from trying to recruit Pettitte to join him with the St. Louis Cardinals.

“The whole time — ‘Why don’t you come play with us?'” Berkman told Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Particularly when (Chris Carpenter) was sort of questionable. My goodness, if Carp can’t go, it would be perfect to have Andy step in and bridge that gap a little bit.

“If it had gotten to a certain point –- like if he wasn’t able to get it worked out with the Yankees — then I was going to go to (GM John Mozeliak). He said hold off.”

During his press conference, Pettitte made it sound as if a main reason he was coming back was because he felt wanted. Brian Cashman made him an offer in the $10-$12 million range back in December and Pettitte said that he was surprised they were willing to make such a commitment and that is what made him serious consider the comeback.

It’s why Pettitte went to the Astros in the first place. He said he felt really wanted and sort of neglected by the Yankees, who were going hard after Gary Sheffield that same offseason. So call me crazy, but I think Pettitte would have taken the job with the Cardinals if the Yankees didn’t take him back.

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2 Responses to Quote: Berkman wanted Pettitte to pitch for the Cardinals

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    All of this begs the question of why Pettite retired in the first place. A chance to rest and be home with family, and then realizing that he missed the game too much and had to come back after a year off? I guess so — after all, he has come out of retirement now, even though he has yet to testify in the Clemens case.

    • Pettitte said that last year it felt like the right thing to do. He said this year that he felt wanted and started working out again. He enjoyed working out so much that he wanted to try to attempt a comeback.

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