Quote: Feliciano thinks he’s going to pitch in 2012

The Yankees signing of Pedro Feliciano looked like a bad idea from the start. He was abused for years by the Mets, often pitching on four consecutive days or more, but the Yankees signed him anyway and he proceeded to immediately land himself on the DL with a serious shoulder injury.

He put off surgery until September as he unsuccessfully attempted to just rehab the shoulder. However, putting off the surgery for so long probably just means that he’ll miss all of the 2012 season as well.

Feliciano has actually been coming to spring training because he doesn’t think so.

“Any time soon, I’ll be helping the team,” Feliciano told Bryan Hoch of MLB.com. “I’m a hard worker, and I know that I’m going to get back healthy.”

“It was tough watching the guys pitching and winning and going to the playoffs,” Feliciano said. “It was tough for me. I was doing my rehab and got surgery, and now I’m just trying to get ready again.”

Hoch’s article went on to say that Feliciano is currently throwing at 90-100 feet as part of his rehab. Brian Cashman confirmed that it’s possible Feliciano pitches again this season, but said that it won’t be until September at the earliest even if everything goes perfectly.

Shoulder injuries are nasty things though and there remains a very small chance we will ever see Feliciano pitch in Pinstripes.

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