Quote: Ibanez working on getting his timing back

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I’m not a big fan of spring training stats. I find they can be very misleading. So when Raul Ibanez starts off slow in camp this year it is kind of annoying to hear so many people bringing ringing panic bells while pointing out that he is just 2-for-24.

Of course, as he enters his age-40 season there are legitimate reasons to be concerned. And it may very well be the case that he is done. He wasn’t awful against righties last season and to be quite frank, 24 spring training at bats doesn’t mean a whole lot. I’m not ready to buy that he is done until he begins to play in games that matter and gets at least 100 at bats.

I feel like that’s only fair, especially as he continues to work on his timing following a change he made to his swing this offseason with Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long.

“I think a lot of it has to do with feeling comfortable and finding your timing,” Ibanez told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “I’ve kind of been in between timing mechanisms right now. I’m trying to eliminate some of the extra movement and getting acclimated to that. I’m moving less, so it’s almost like you’re going backwards at first. Hopefully I’ll catch on and figure it out.”

Again, there is no guarantee that this will catch on and it may very well be the case that he is done. It’s still far too early to say that though and it’s certainly too soon to be panicking. Give him time, hope that he finds his timing, and if he struggles during the season and doesn’t show the ability to break out of his funk, the Yankees can look for a replacement.

It shouldn’t be awfully hard to replace him either. He’s a DH, they could find a number of options on the trade market and heck…Johnny Damon might still be available.

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4 Responses to Quote: Ibanez working on getting his timing back

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    I remember when the Yanks signed Jose Cruz, age 40, for the 1988 season. Cruz (.284 hitter, OPS+ 120 while playing a lot in the cavernous Astrodome) had a great spring training. Then the season started, he was a bench player, and hit .200 (16 for 80)-1-7 before being released in July of that year. Just goes to show…

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Feel any different after 48 ABs with a .125 BA? This was a horrific signing. A 40 year old player, coming off his worst year (.289 OBP), struggling with groin issues over the last 3 years? What did they expect? A-Rod's gonna get 35% of the ABs at DH anyway, so just cut this turd now and move on.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Maybe he is finally coming around. Two homers this week, and he was robbed of another by Justin Heyward. Maybe. We can only hope. But so far, not good. We'll see. I am not defending Raul by any means. I preferred JD myself.

    • No. Like Mike said, he's been picking it up lately. It's spring training. Let him work on his timing. Once the games count then stats matter. You sure picked a weird time to say I told you so.

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