Rumor: Hughes has all but wrapped up rotation spot

Last season was a train wreck of a season for Phil Hughes and if the Yankees rotation were based solely on last year’s stats he would be on the outside looking in. However, he has impressed the Yankees so much this spring that a source told Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News that, “it would be a shock” if he wasn’t in the rotation to start the season.

If this is true it really doesn’t come as much of a shock. Despite having weak stuff last season Brian Cashman has always stood by Hughes almost to the point of looking delusional. Hughes also put in a lot of work this offseason to get off to a solid start after showing up to spring training out of shape a year ago.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post even wrote back on Feb. 28 that based on discussions he had with members of the team that Hughes had all but had a rotation spot locked up way back then. After an impressive spring where his fastball has been in the mid-90’s with life on it, he made the decision for the team to stick with him even easier.

This means that there are just two rotation spots open and Michael Pineda, Ivan Nova, and Freddy Garcia left to fill them. Joe Girardi said that he will take track record, how guys are throwing this spring, and the future of the organization into account when making his final rotation decisions. He also made a point to say that he doesn’t care who fits the bullpen best. Read into that however you see fit, but most see Garcia as the odd man out.

Girardi also said no to a 6-man rotation and of course, Andy Pettitte will get a rotation spot as soon as he is ready – which should be around May 1st. That means that unless there is an injury, he will bump somebody from the rotation so nobody should get comfortable even if they get a rotation spot.

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7 Responses to Rumor: Hughes has all but wrapped up rotation spot

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    And suddenly we have an embarrassment of riches in our pitching. Well, it's better than the alternative.

    Anyway, Pineda and Nova stay for now; Freddy to the pen and/or to be traded. Assuming Andy comes back full force, then probably Nova to the pen or AAA. Although, if Nova has a great April and Pineda struggles, it could be the other way around.

  2. hotdog says:

    Hughes, Nova, Pineda, Betances and/or Banuelos could be a nice rotation someday…CC might have to fight for a job…lol

  3. Joe says:

    Pettitte will end up our 2nd lefty out the pen by July……..remember where u heard it first

    • Bronx_Knight says:

      Joe, when the news first emerged that Pettite was rejoining the Yanks, there was talk on this Blog about the possibility of his coming back as a reliever. That's a very interesting idea (remember John Smoltz?), but it doesn't seem likely.

      Baseball's unpredictable, though, isn't it? Let's just hope that Pettite has the stuff to contribute any way he can.

  4. NYYfaninATL says:

    Both Andy and the Yankees already said that he is coming back to START.

    Hughes has been working in the 91-92 range and has said to be occasionally touching 94. It’s been my opinion since the beginning of camp that he needs to be in the PEN where he hits mid-90’s more frequently and pitches with much more confidence. With Hughes, Soriano, Robby and Mo in the pen, the Yankees can turn every game into a 5 inning sprint.

    • Joe says:

      5 inning sprint? is that why we pay CC 23 million a year and just traded the next Miguel Cabrera? Hughes has big time potential as a starter and u can always ship him back to the pen if it were not to work out. Besides they are already stacked in the pen so it makes NO SENSE whatsoever. It doesn't matter what teams or players say in February(most of us know this)……as things tend to change in June/July.

  5. Joe says:

    oh like I said……just remember where u heard it first

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