Rumor: Jorge Vazquez wants Yankees to call him up or trade him

The Yankees signed infielder Jorge Vazquez out of the Mexican League before the 2009 season and after three years and a season where he hit 32 home runs, he either wants to be called up to the majors or traded, according to Fernando Ballesteros of Puro Beisbol.

In the article, translated from spanish, the president of the Mexican League’s Tigres de Quintana Roo said, “If they don’t give him an opportunity this year, he wants them to trade him, or to go to [play] baseball in the east.” The east being Japan or Korea.

The team’s president is on Vazquez’s side because the Yankees only paid him $150K of the $500K deal they signed at the time. If he does not play at least 60 games in the majors he doesn’t get paid the rest, according to the article.

Hate to say it, but there really don’t seem to be any chance Vazquez makes the team. His numbers last year weren’t bad, a .314 OBP and a .830 OPS, however he also struck out 166 times and plays poor defense. There is a small chance he could get a call up if both Mark Teixeira and Eric Chavez got hurt, but that’s realistically what it would take.

The Yankees aren’t extremely likely to trade him either as there isn’t a big market for AAAA types like Vazquez. Juan Miranda was in a similar situation and all the Yankees got back for him was a low level pitcher who had a 7.52 ERA last season.

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  1. Paul says:

    Could the mighty Yankees actually be keeping Vazquez down because they dont want to pay the Mex team the $350,000 they would owe them? It is hard to believe, but why else would the Yankees at the end of last year bring up a total of 12 players in September, and not bring up the only S/WB Yankee that was mid and post season All-Star. And that includes Montero. And Chato was awarded the systems 'Hitter of the Year", and broke the AAA record for HR in a season! He sure earned a September call up at least!!!

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