Rumor: Yankees don’t plan to release Joba Chamberlain

Many have wondered if injuring himself on a trampoline is grounds to void Joba Chamberlain‘s contract. Certainly if Aaron Boone was cut loose for getting hurt in a simple basketball game, the Yankees must have options with Joba.

However, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has reported that the Yankees have stated both publicly and privately that they are not considering releasing him right now even though a few question if he’ll even be ready to start the 2013 season in time.

Joba had previously said that doctors told him that he could be back on a mound by July, but that seems overly optimistic. It is possible he can come back this year, but it also sounds like it is possible he will miss some time next year as well.

The problem is that he’s going to be rehabbing two injuries at the same time. One an injury to his elbow and this an injury to his push-off ankle. He’ll be in a cast for 2-3 months and a specialized boot for a little while after that. At that point things are going to be moving very slowly as he regains strength in the ankle while also trying to knock off the rust in the arm. Even without any major setbacks that is going to take some time.

If the Yankees aren’t planning on releasing him now that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s out of the woods. Instead they might just be giving him time to rehab, they’ll pay the $1.675 million he is owed this season, and see how much he progresses by the end of the season. If he seems on track to be healthy in 2013 then they’ll can sign him to another contract. But if he still is questionable to start next season then he becomes a non-tender candidate.

That’s almost a year from now though. In the meantime, it is good that Joba is not going anywhere. He was by all accounts doing a great job with his TJS rehab so maybe he’ll take rehab from this seriously and come back strong next year.

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5 Responses to Rumor: Yankees don’t plan to release Joba Chamberlain

  1. hotdog says:

    I think it's a good strategy to see where things are by the end of this season…maybe he contributes in 2013 but he's a long ways off…i feel he is just going to have one problem after another…

  2. Fred says:

    The problem is whether or not he'll ever pitch at the same level again. This is a guy that already had consistency problems, who knows what he'll be like after a few injuries like this.

    I'm always skeptical with pitcher injuries like this, the slightest thing can really mess up their mechanics, forget about 18+ months of not pitching with major injuries

  3. Dilo says:

    I don't know why anybody should be surprise by any of the events this man has been involved in. It's been one problem after another with regards to his on and off the field behavioral demeanor. His DUI, along with his embracing of the New York night life have been problems from day one from his 2nd year with the Yankees to the present day. He hasn't contributed on a consistent basis, yet he prances around the clubhouse, off field Yankee events as though he has. He has the persona of a successful contributor towards the Yankee's success while his contribution has been zero. His time with the Yankees is determined how long they want to put up with AJ Burnett the second. To most fans, he's nothing but a pain in the ass.

  4. Dilo says:

    When it comes to this man, it's like having an itch I can't scratch. I can't tell you my feelings the past years watching him prance into the game from the pen, needing a haircut, having not shaved in days, and a hat that's sweat stained. This is not the “Yankee Pride” that we as fans have grown accustomed to. These lousy character traits are more accepted from players who have made numerous contributions to the Yankees successes in many ways, not from an overweight headache.

  5. Joe says:

    This may turn out to be a blessing in disguise due to the fact that his arm/elbow will not get shut down 2-3 months and probably really have a chance to fully heal.

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