Rumor: Yankees getting interest in Justin Maxwell

Yankees outfielder Justin Maxwell is putting together an impressive spring, but even though he is unlikely to make the Yankees out of spring training the young outfielder who is out of options is drawing interest from other teams.

According to George King of the NY Post, the Astros and the Orioles have interested in Maxwell. King said that the teams have not contacted the Yankees which would lead us to believe that he has spoken with them directly.

Perhaps now that there are injury concerns with Curtis Granderson (elbow) and Nick Swisher (groin) the Yankees will consider keeping Maxwell around, but he is likely a victim of a numbers crunch. Since he is out of options the Yankees best bet may be to trade him. It’s unlikely he would bring much of a return though, maybe a longshot, lower level prospect at best.

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2 Responses to Rumor: Yankees getting interest in Justin Maxwell

  1. Frank Spero says:

    you wean the klutz that can't even catch an out feild ball without dropping it these rookies this year are about the most uncordinated i've ever seen and even dikerson dropped a run scoring hit comon get some pros out there

  2. JlrpRober says:

    Justin M is better for Yankees than Andrews Jones, and lot older players signed. Remenber Ian Kennedy and J Montero.

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