Teixeira hires Jeter’s agent Close

Just about a year ago exactly, Mark Teixeira fired his agent Scott Boras. Today, Teixeira hired a new agent, Casey Close, who also represents teammate Derek Jeter, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Teixeira still has five years and $112.5 million left on his deal so this isn’t going to come into play for sometime. He’ll probably sign another deal or two in his career, but that won’t happen for a while and the Yankees and Teixeira very well could part ways then.

Alex Rodriguez also left Boras not too long ago. It just doesn’t seem like he can do a lot for guys at this point in their careers, you know, after he’s landed them their big pay day.

Teixeira’s numbers have been dropping each year since he’s become a Yankee. In order to combat a decline, Teixeira has dropped 15 pounds and has mentioned that he might try bunting to break up the shift this season.

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