Yankees didn’t have the budget for Mike Gonzalez

The Yankees were supposedly at budget before signing Andy Pettitte out of retirement last week. In fact, after signing Hiroki Kuroda there were rumors that they might not even have enough to sign both Eric Chavez and Raul Ibanez (obviously they did).

So what happened in the case of Pettitte? They made an exception. As Brian Cashman put it, when a pitcher like Pettitte is available for the $2.5 million that he signed for – you do it.

But the Yankees wouldn’t make an exception for another lefty before that. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, two weeks ago the Yankees could have signed lefty reliever Mike Gonzalez, but turned the opportunity down because they were at budget.

This is further proof that things have changed in the Bronx. Years ago there was no limit to the amount of players the Yankees would go after. Any player at any cost. However these days the Yankees are ruled by a budget. It’s a loose budget, but it is real┬ánonetheless.

We’re going to be seeing them miss out on other players more and more as we get closer to 2014 too. If they’re going to spend $20 million per year or more to keep the likes of Robinson Cano, it means that they can’t spend major money on the bullpen or role players. This is how it works now.

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