Yankees like Pineda’s work ethic despite showing up overweight

Brian Cashman recently claimed that a potential reason for the loss of velocity in Michael Pineda‘s fastball could be that he didn’t workout at all during the offseason and showed up 20 pounds overweight.

However, since he has shown up in camp the Yankees seem to like his work ethic.

Here’s more from Joel Sherman of the NY Post:

Pineda showed up with 20 extra pounds and several mph less on his fastball. However, when I asked Cashman if he would like to see Pineda join (Andy Pettitte’s) pre-workout workouts, he said the righty had shed 12 pounds this spring and “has worked his tail off here. He’s been an extreme worker here. The work ethic has not been an issue since we have seen him.”

It seems possible that Pineda was taking things for granted over in Seattle where there is no media and no expectations and that once he joined the Yankees things changed for him. Hopefully this doesn’t become an annual thing and from now on this becomes the norm for him. Maybe he’s not working out with Pettitte, but at least sees how much work he puts into his game.

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