Yankees projected to have 7th best defense in MLB

The Fielding Bible Volume III is coming out soon and to promote the book John Dewan and Bed Jedlovec sent out a press release that includes the projected defensive runs saved for 2012 and the Yankees are sitting in a decent spot ranked 7th on the list.

“Defensive Runs Saved” is a metric that was developed by Baseball Info Solutions (BIS) that projects how many runs a team’s defense will save or cost them. The Yankees came in with 20 defensive runs saved based on the current roster and projected starters.

That puts them 5th in the American Leauge and 2nd in the AL East, only behind the Tampa Bay Rays who were ranked 1st with 42 defensive runs saved. The Red Sox weren’t far behind, ranked 10th in MLB.

The bulk of the Yankees defense obviously comes from left field where they have one of the best defensive players in the game in Brett Gardner. They really have no weak points though with the only exception being Derek Jeter. Jeter wasn’t even a huge liability with a UZR of -6.5 last year, but at a premium defensive position he certainly stands out.

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2 Responses to Yankees projected to have 7th best defense in MLB

  1. NYYinATL says:

    I am SO beyond sick of these sabermetric geeks and their BS stats….and I'm especially sick of hearing how Jeter is worse at SS that Stevie Wonder would be.

    Yes, he doesn't have the best range obviously….but if the ball is hit near him, the runner is OUT. Give me that vs a flashy kid who can get the ball anywhere but also botches the layups and makes 25 errors a year. Sorry.

  2. I don't think you have to be into sabermetrics to look and see Jeter's lack of range. Still, he has very good hands and a strong arm. At a position where most teams will take better defense over a better bat, he especially stands out.

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