Yankees sign Pineda, Nova, and two others to 1-year deals

The Yankees signed a few of their non-arbitration eligible youngsters to contracts this week including Michael Pineda, Ivan Nova, Eduardo Nunez, and Cory Wade, according to George King of the NY Post.

Since these players were not eligible for arbitration or free agents, they pretty much have to sign for whatever the Yankees offer them. It is usually done based on roughly on the amount of service time a player has accrued, but not in these cases.

Pineda, who has the least amount of service time in the group will earn the most at $528,475. Nova is next and he wil earn $527,200. Nunez will earn $523,800 and Wade will earn $508,925. So it appears that they have taken into account the role each is expected to play on the team as well.

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