Yankees suffer bumps and bruises of spring

So far there have been no significant injuries to the Yankees this spring, but that doesn’t mean a few of them haven’t suffered some bumps and bruises.

The latest is Mark Teixeira, who jammed his thumb while making a play in the field against the Pirates Tuesday. Before Teix there was Francisco Cervelli, who took a shot to his hand by Brandon Boggs on a backswing. He’s hurt but not seriously. Then there was Derek Jeter, who took a ball off his left arm on a pickoff throw to second. Finally, there was Nick Swisher, who fouled a ball off his shin over the weekend.

None of these injuries are serious and nobody is expected to miss a day or two at the most. However, bruises like these can occasionally linger and effect a player for a little while. I’ll take these over a more serious injury though.

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