A-Rod has a .000 average against lefties

I said all offseason, if Alex Rodriguez is healthy than I’m not worried about him. So far this season he has shown no signs of any lingering injuries and has been impressive with the way he moves around in the field.

There is something to be concerned about though – A-Rod is not hitting lefties. At all.

A-Rod has now played in 15 games this year, six against lefty starters, and doesn’t have a single hit off of southpaws. He’s 0-for-17.

Now it’s still early and all so there is still plenty of time for him to turn that around, but it is a bit shocking. It is also troubling when you consider A-Rod’s numbers off lefties last season when he had a .367 OBP against them, but just a .750 OPS as he only managed six extra base hits in 109 plate appearances against southpaws. So A-Rod’s struggles clearly go beyond the first 15 games this season, extending at least into last year.

As a right handed batter, A-Rod should actually be doing better against lefties than righties, but he is not. Considering that and the fact that he is indeed healthy gives me hope that he and Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long may be able to fix this. However, right now it seems he has become an automatic out against them. Hopefully Joe Girardi will see this and move him down in the order when the Yankees see lefties.

A-Rod still has six years left on his contract. It’s way too early for him to turn into a platoon player.

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  1. Guest says:

    It's called a "small sample size." You don't draw conclusions off of 17 ABs. That's just silly.

    • He also had a .750 OPS against lefties last season as well. He's really struggled against them for some time now. 0-for-17 is just a pathetic start.

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