Cervelli shocked at demotion to Triple-A

Francisco Cervelli isn’t an especially good hitter, he isn’t even an especially good defender, but he does enough of both that he’s a decent backup and after three years of serving in that role the Yankees decided out of the blue to send him down to Triple-A.

The reason was that Austin Romine‘s back injury, which is expected to keep him out for a couple of months, created a need in the minors. So they traded George Kontos to the Giants in exchange for Chris Stewart, a former Yankee who is a strong defender, but a pathetic hitter.

But Stewart doesn’t have any options remaining so the Yankees can’t send him to the minors without risk of losing him. However, Cervelli had one so Stewart stays and Cervelli goes.

Reporters described him as red-eyed and said he was clearly crying. It’s not hard to understand as it certain did come as a shock.

“I don’t know,” Cervelli told Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger. “I don’t understand their reason. I think maybe you’ve got to ask Cash, or somebody else. Maybe the other guy is better than I am right now. Just play baseball no matter where it is, and show them that I’m a big league catcher, like they say.”

I don’t exactly understand the Yankees thinking either. The Yankees say it’s a depth move, but it seems like it was designed to help the Triple-A team at the expense of the team in the Bronx. Once Romine returns, would they promote Cervelli and move Stewart? If they do, isn’t that an admission that Cervelli is actually better? And if that’s the case, they shouldn’t have even considered this move.

It’s possible that the Yankees don’t like Cervelli as much as it seems or that they believe Stewart’s defense outweighs the more rounded game of Cervelli’s. If that’s the case, that’s fine, and it would even be understandable that they couldn’t come out and say that to spare Cervelli’s feelings. Either way, it’s easy to understand why he was shocked.

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21 Responses to Cervelli shocked at demotion to Triple-A

  1. Fred says:

    This makes me sad. I know he's not a superstar, but I've always liked Cervelli. He's got a lot of spirit, and in my eyes helped thaw the ice that was the Yankees locker room, along with Swisher, Girardi and Burnett.

    • Dave Anderson says:

      Fred… you hit the "nail on the head"…. spirit. Nobody gave as much as Cevelli. He loved playing and did the best as he could. After this yr, it looks like Martin is walking (free agent). Nobody has the competitivenes and the Yankee "spirit" as Cevelli. I had spring season tics and another mistake is letting Justin Maxwell go. He is a better hitter than Ibanez, Jones and Chavez. And you have Nunez to be a utility infielder. Very dissapointed. I think Pienada from what I saw… he has no place on Broadway… he looks lost and out of place. The Yanks could have used Montero's bat… you'll see before the season is over.

  2. Fred says:

    The Cisco Kid is going down….and that ain't good!

  3. NYYinATL says:

    I agree with Rob. This seems pointless and I don't get it at all. Cervelli was a good hitter in the clutch last year and he's definitely a decent back-up.

  4. Miccfly says:

    I always thought that Girardi was sharp as an analyst in the booth, but he's really made some bone head moves and decisions as the 'skipper' and this is one of them. Cervelli's batting stroke picked up last year and if I recollect correctly he had a keeler batting average with runners in scoring position. May Joe thinks he'll get more AB's down there and he probably will – maybe this is the year Francisco breaks out with his bat. Would love to see that – and then send Martin down. LOL.

  5. Frank V. says:

    Brian Cashman, I'm not understanding this at all. He worked well with the pitchers. And he gave a spark to the team. So why in the world did you trade Montero? Young and a very good bat with power. I just don't get it.

    • alcan says:

      The yanks have a wealth of catching prospects. Romine, Sanchez, Murphy and Tejeda. Romine would have been the everyday AAA catcher this season and if Martin would have gone down then Romine would have been brought up to catch everyday for the bombers and cervelli would have remained the back-up. Sanchez is considered to be as good as a bat as Montero with promise of also being a good defensive catcher unlike Montero who will probably never catch for any major league team. He is destined for RF, !st base or just a DH. Murphy is a great surprise and so is Tejeda. All three: Murphy, Sanchez and Tejeda are young and not ready to be moved up. The yanks do not want to mess with these guys development. Cervelli is very disposablo… who cares about his feelings? there is no crying in BASEBALL!

  6. klaus says:

    Sad to see this, although it makes some sense as a defensive move. But Cervelli has gotten some surprising hits, and overall he's done the job. This playing with his head is not going to help his development.

    • alcan says:

      overall is a 190 batting average… not getting the job done. 10% CS is not getting the job done… second in the league in errors when you only play a 1/3 of a season is not getting the job done… air mailing throws to center field on a regular bases and doing it twice in game against boston is not getting the job done… frustrating umps because of his quarKy constant movement behind the dish is not getting the job done… PLEASE.

  7. D. Ransom says:

    It's part of Yankee tradition to make bonehead moves and trades; i.e, Drabek; Bruner; McGriff; et al. This isn't casting espersions because I'm a Yankee fan. It's merely telling the truth. They've made some dumb moves over the years and especially with pitchers. Some of the pitchers they've signed and paid millions and gotten nothing out of them have been legendarily DUMB! I must say; however, that some of the pitchers they've signed have been spot on good; i.e., Catfish Hunter; Goose Gossage; Roger Clemens; and C.C. Sabathia. Of course, we Yankee fans tend to be more critical because our expectations are through the roof and when we sign a player we EXPECT them to produce. I guess every trade and acquisition is not going to turn out to be an excellent decision, but it's really frustrating when you think of the money paid to some of these players and their production on the team doesn't merit up to the batboys production.

  8. Fav says:

    Damn, this sucks…the guy is definitely good enough to stay at the major league level…trade him to Boston, we could use him.

  9. cyril morley says:

    Like for new york yankees GM to look at these trades. etc Trade Cory Wade-p & Francisco Cervelli-c to K.C.Royal for Joakim Soria-rp & Clint Robinson-fb/dh. (2) Ramiro Pena-inf to P.Phillies for Dom Brown-of. (3) Trade Bradley Suttle-tb to the n.y.mets for minor league player. (4) Trade Jason Bulger-p & Kevin Whalen-rp to the A.Braves for Arodys Vizcairo-p inj/2012

  10. alcan says:

    ok, I am a Yankee fan but a baseball fan as well and have been in position to evaluate talent, well, maybe not on the pro level but lets just say I have had some expreience. I always always thought of Cervelli as a liability. Cervelli was to be the back this season b/c Romine was scheduled to play everyday at AAA. The yanks did not want Romine wasting away on a bench… that job belonged to Cervelli. If anything would have happened to Martin I am pretty sure that Romine would have been called up to take the everyday catcher spot and Cervelli would have remained the backup. would have his feelings been hurt then too? wha wha! who cares? The guy isn't even a good defender. Cervelli has air mailed so many throws into center-field and is so jumpy behind the plate he frustrates umps and therefore doesn't always gets a strike call for a pitcher that he should have had if he would have kept still. Because of his constant movement behind the dish he also gives pitches away to the batters. Thus, he is NOT a good backup and I look for the Yanks to trade him or be a part of a trade package. This is the reason most probably they went and got Stewart. Ok, Stewart can't hit his way out of a paper bag but neither can Cervelli. Defensively, Stewart is a huge upgrade from Cervelli, Only reason Cervelli is still around is b/c the Yankee prospects in that position are not ready yet. Sooner or later we will have a log jam of catchers: Romine, Sanchez, Murphy, Tejeda. Sure, Cervelli has a cool sounding name and his fist pumping perky attitude is something people are attracted to but if that is the case lets just make him the Yankee mascot and he can run back and forth on top of the Yankee dugout with a Darth Helmet costume on…

  11. Carmine says:

    Martin and Stewart both can't hit their way out of a paper bag. Catching is big offensive weakness for the yankees and will be for a while. Montero trade very bad move. Yankees are known for this. We have gained nothing and have lost a great prospect who is doing some serious catching with Seatle. Pineda may never be the prospect he once was because of the nature of this injury and his strength being a power pitcher. Yankees are only good at buying players said to say.

  12. Steve says:

    Look, We were blessed with Posada for all these years and now must face the fact that we don't have a good bat at catcher anymore. Whether Montero will be great…time will tell. Sanchez and the rest…time will tell. I didn't like the Cervelli move at all but Martin is horrible. Someone was quoted as saying he was "Thurman Munson-esque". Not only did that make me mad, it also made me think how spoiled were with two All Star catchers in Munson and Psosada.

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