Cervelli would still start if Martin gets hurt

Despite the fact that the Yankees compare Chris Stewart to Jose Molina defensively, it doesn’t seem like they think he’s good enough all-around to be a starting catcher.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that Francisco Cervelli, not Stewart, would play the bulk of the games if Russell Martin got hurt.

“I think (Cervelli) would play the majority of the games is Russell got hurt,” Girardi told Chad Jennings of the Journal News.

GM Brian Cashman also called Cervelli, “one of the best 60 catchers in baseball,” which I guess is one way of saying he should be in the majors. However, he went on to explain that he was concerned that if something had happened to Martin, the Yankees would have to go out and overspend on a quality Major League backup. The only reason Cervelli went to Triple-A, and not Stewart, was because Cervelli had options left and Stewart didn’t.

Still, it would be Nice if the Yankees didn’t send the guy they thought was the better overall player to the minors.

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