Chris Stewart has 1st big game in Pinstripes

When the Yankees traded for Chris Stewart on the final day of spring training it came as a big shock. It also came as a shock that Stewart was actually an former Yankee. See his first stint with the team lasted just one game back in 2008 and wasn’t very memorable as he went 0-for-3.

This time around Stewart is out to be a little more memorable. In his second start this season, he went 2-for-4 with three RBI’s.

“Not only one of my best nights, but it was in Yankee Stadium of all places and I’m wearing pinstripes,” Stewart told Brian Heyman of the Journal News. “Definitely one I’m not going to forget.”

He also showed off part of the reason why he is such a good defensive catcher, as he set up a solid low target and hardly moved behind the plate.

Stewart’s good games might occur few and far between, but it does show that Francisco Cervelli getting sent down to the minors might not have been a huge deal. It certainly came as a surprise, and George Kontos seemed like a high cost, but Cervelli, and his .354 career slugging percentage, aren’t exactly irreplaceable.

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