Eduardo Nunez keeps making costly errors

It started in the very first inning on the second game of the season and it really hasn’t slowed down at all – Eduardo Nunez keeps making costly errors.

Last night it was a throwing error from second base that opened the flood gates for a four run inning as Phil Hughes wasn’t good enough to overcome the mistake. The Yankees overcame the big inning eventually, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Unfortunately it seems like the Yankees really like Nunez and he will have plenty more opportunities to make mistakes.

Maybe they see a lot of potential in his bat. Perhaps they are really worried about having somebody to take Derek Jeter‘s place when he retires. Maybe they just think that he’s so athletic that overtime he will overcome these almost daily yips.

Either way, it’s annoying and it doesn’t appear to be any end in sight. Nunez does have a lot of life in his bat, has a ton of speed, and is very athletic. If the Yankees like him so much, maybe a shot in the outfield? He would be a rather light hitting outfielder, but he’s clearly not cut out for the infield.

At least his blazing speed on the bases and .389 average through nine games at least makes it bearable.

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5 Responses to Eduardo Nunez keeps making costly errors

  1. klaus says:

    He seems to have a strong arm, but it's so inaccurate I don't see where it works in the outfield, either.

  2. Sydny says:

    Why was RC not in the field to begin with? Doesn't Giraradi get it? Play your starters and sit your subs in April.

  3. Stoogazzo says:

    Three excellent comments. It seems as though Girardi's binder dictates his moves. He and Cashman, the former clerical intern, are Sabermetrics devotees. Their theory sure backfired last night when the genius employed the shift and the Yankees got burned for two runs. When are baseball fans going to realize that baseball is not an exact science and all the answers cannot be gotten from the statistics in Girardi's binder?

  4. theboogiedown says:

    Wow, nailed that one. See Wally Matthews article just posted.

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