Garcia pitching for a rotation spot as well

There has been a lot of talk about Phil Hughes potentially losing his rotation spot once Andy Pettitte comes back, but it is important to remember that Freddy Garcia is also pitching for a job.

Garcia had an uncharacteristically good spring, but got roughed up in his first start of the season primarily due to a lack of command. He’ll be back out on the mound today and another bad start could really shift the attention on Pettitte even more than it already is.

Remember, despite Garcia’s solid year last season, he still failed to reach the 150 inning mark and barely did so the year before. So it’s not like this guy has an amazing track record. Not since 2006 has he really had a complete and effective season.

With the way David Phelps has been pitching, the Yankees might not even have to wait until Pettitte is back to start making changes to the rotation. So tonight’s start, and every start for a while, will be important for Garcia.

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3 Responses to Garcia pitching for a rotation spot as well

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Re-signing Garcia was a stop gap. After the Pineda trade he was expendable, after Pettitte's return he is in the way. He's not in the picture for 2014, or even 2013, so trade him now. Pick up an OF prospect and give the rotation spot to Andy.

  2. michael mikulak says:

    when is joe going to wake up, garcia did not have a good begining last april. he should be sent to the have young guns in the minors. cashman wake up .stop thjinking about the staker and bring up the young guns. i am a 83yr old, watching the yankees since 1938. any jackass knows , after allowes 3runs like he did, should have been pulled. a record 5 wild pitches last outing, your going to blow your chances like last year. the line up that won 18 out of 22 games last yr had the left fielder leading off. maddon the rays mgr does not wait till the game is lost, he will bring in a righty to face a righty and a lefty to face a lefty. garcia has got to go thank you

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Garcia, a 35 year old veteran, can't be sent to the minors w/out his permission, which he won't give. He'd rather be released before a demotion. What young gun do you want up? Betances so far has been terrible. Banuelos is on the DL, and Warren has had one lousy start and one decent one.

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