Girardi on Pineda: this could be for the best

When Michael Pineda came out of the game Friday night and complained about shoulder pain it seemed like things had the potential to get really bad. However, just two days later Yankees manager Joe Girardi was talking like it might not be that big of a deal.

“When you look at the news, when a guy goes in for an MRI, that’s probably the best case scenario a guy can have,” Girardi told Bryan Hoch of “No structural damage; you deal with some inflammation, some tendinitis, and we’ll get through that. So for that, I’m very happy.”

“I think there’s been a lot of focus on him in camp,” Girardi said. “There’s always somebody who gets that, and it was him this year. Maybe this little couple-of-week break might be really good for him, actually.”

“There was a lot of concentration on his velocity, which could have led to this,” Girardi said. “He was getting people out. [Friday] was really the only rough start that he had had to this point. We really believe he’s going to be a staple in this rotation for a long time. We have a little setback here and we have to move forward.”

The Yankees are expected to take everything slowly with Pineda. For now he is being shutdown for two weeks and will be reevaluated then. Girardi explained that the Yankees don’t view this injury as the same thing that Phil Hughes went through last year despite the fact that they are both shoulder injuries. However, as a benchmark that took him two and a half months before he was back on the field.

I think there is something to the idea that this might not be the worst thing to happen. For one thing, the Yankees rotation is still solid as they had six guys for five spots anyway. So this did kind of solve that issue.

The spotlight did seem to get to Pineda and now he will get an opportunity to build up his arm strength slowly and in the relative obscurity of the minor league ball park. For somebody who has already admitted that the media presence worries him, it certainly seems like it would be better if he built up arm strength there rather than on the mound in the Bronx.

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8 Responses to Girardi on Pineda: this could be for the best

  1. I agree with Joe here, thankfully we have the pitching depth to deal with this.

    If he gets that velocity up he's going to be good this season, he didn't overwhelm anyone in spring but i liked how that change up looked

  2. Greg Corcoran says:

    I think he needs time to get in shape. Hopefully he learned a valuable lesson about playing in New York this year. Don't show up to camp overweight.

  3. hotdog says:

    got to be thankful that Phil Hughes has had a very good spring…i just hope Pineda comes back healthy…no need to take any risks…

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    Ugh, two things to dislike about this guy already. There is his delivery – the dreaded inverse "w" – which is often a predictor of injury potential. Then he shows up to camp 20 lbs. overweight. Now I'm reading he's nervous about the NY media? oh boy. It will be interesting to see what happens when Pettitte comes back. There will be one starter too many even with one shunted off to the bullpen. If all are healthy, who gets traded?
    And will NY trade Swisher during the season? It's unlikely they'll re-sign him, and he has some trade value even as an impending free agent. Jones and Dickerson might be able man RF in a platoon. Just a thought.

    • I doubt the Yankees would trade Swisher before his contracts up. They would trade for his replacement before he's gone though.

      • hotdog says:

        as far as Pineda goes, he's so young that it's hard to say what he's going to bring…i don't know what kind of speculation's been made about how his shoulder injury may relate or not to his problems down the stretch in 2011…if there's any connection, the problem is much bigger than a short stint on the DL…

  5. hotdog says:

    and I'm not a doctor so maybe I shouldn't say that about Pineda but I'm just a little concerned about this issue…we gave up a lot for him…

    I think the Yankees should sign Swisher for 3 more years if possible…i'm not sure how that would fit with their budget but Swisher is a very good fit for the Yankees…i'm not in favor of a Jones/Dickerson platoon…good defense but compromised offense…Jones had a very good 2nd half but I'd rather think of alternatives if possible…i think Dickerson needs a full year in the majors to see if he can cut it but that won't happen with the Yankees imo…Swisher is important enough to re-sign…so is Martin…

  6. Joe says:

    If he shed the extra 15-20 lbs he's carrying the velocity will come back and he won't have to overthrow to compensate and cause these types of problems.

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