Ibanez credits Kevin Long for recovery from bad spring

Spring training stats don’t matter. Still, it didn’t stop most Yankees fans for jumping all over Raul Ibanez when he was pitiful this spring.

Now he’s off to a solid start, nothing special, his average is still just .222, but he has been hitting the ball hard and is actually one of the more productive players on the team. If he can maintain the stats he’s put up over his first eight games of the season, the Yankees will have a very solid DH platoon this season.

So what lead to the turn around? Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long, of course.

“Kevin has been huge,” Ibanez told Vincent Mercogliano of the Journal News. “He’s there with the information and he’s helping me make minor adjustments everyday. Having a guy like Kevin Long has been tremendous.”

Long is just one of many Yankees hitters who have credited Long with a major turn around in their numbers over the years. He may be the best hitting coach in all of baseball.

Of course, the season is still young and like I said, Ibanez’s average is just .222. So while this is a very positive sign, the guy is still 40-years-old.

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