Ibanez isn’t an outfielder

One of the reasons the Yankees supposedly signed Raul Ibanez over Johnny Damon was because of his defense. Yes, the same Ibanez who had a -18.9 UZR last season and the owner of -47.6 UZR during his career.

Ibanez wasted no time showing the Yankees why trusting him in the outfield was a horrible idea when he misjudged a fly ball in his first defensive inning that got past him after he dove and went all the way to the wall for a triple.

Hopefully Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who has been on fire with questionable decisions lately, gets the message and keeps Ibanez out of the field. It’s a shame too because the Yankees lost Justin Maxwell, a very capable outfielder, to waivers and have Chris Dickerson, another major league caliber reserve, stashed away in the minors.

Check out Ibanez’s lack of skill here.

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5 Responses to Ibanez isn’t an outfielder

  1. kevin says:

    After seeing maxwell all spring i knew ibanez signing was a mistake. Waste of time money n effort. Has 1 HR and an error to show for it. While maxwell goes to houstonand will show what we should of had on our bench

  2. NYYinATL says:

    Ibanez has no business even owning a glove at this point in his career….and I frankly NEVER got this signing. He was horrible for quite a long stretch last year, he can't field and he's 40 years old. This line-up needs to get YOUNGER.

  3. Bronx_Knight says:

    Johnny Damon has no arm but he would have caught that ball. I'm not a Cashman-basher, but this signing was kind of dumb.

  4. Fred says:

    The reason we have Ibanez instead of Damon is all in the money. Damon wanted more, although apparently he's valued himself right out of the league

  5. Tanned Tom says:

    i hate Ibanez. Can't field, old, will have a bad BA and a terrible OBP. Cashman has these brain spasms at least once every off season ( Nick Johnson, Javier Vazquez, Randy Wynn, Feliciano). Even a lot of moves that don't stink right away look poor soon enough (Burnett, Teixeira, Marte) . If I was wrong this often I couldn't keep MY job.

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