Jeter passed Rickey Henderson for most Yankees leadoff homers

When Derek Jeter homered to leadoff the game against the Orioles on Tuesday, he passed Rickey Handerson with 25 home runs to lead off a game for the Yankees, the most in franchise history.

It’s pretty cool whenever Jeter takes the lead in any all-time Yankees category, but this record actually goes to show you how amazing Rickey was.┬áHe played for the Yankees from 1985 until midway through the 1989 season, just four and a half years, and in that short time he set many Yankees records with his speed and leadoff ability.

Jeter is off to a solid start this year, hitting in 4-out-of-5 games and putting up a .391 average. He has faced a fair amount of lefties so far though.

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2 Responses to Jeter passed Rickey Henderson for most Yankees leadoff homers

  1. Matt_DC says:

    Henderson was something else. I can remember my Dad switching the car radio to the Yankees just late and hearing the home run siren. Rickey already had hit one.

  2. Fred says:

    Rickey's stats really are insane. Jeter only passed him in steals last year, and Jeter's been here almost 20 years now while Rickey only played in parts of 5.

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