Jeter ties Winfield for 18th on hit list 10

It was actually a slow night for Derek Jeter on Thursday as he only went 1-for-5, but that one gave him 3110 hits for his career which ties him with Dave Winfield for 18th on the all-time MLB hit list.

“Your name next to his in anything you do is probably considered to be pretty special,” Jeter told Matt Ehalt of “I’ve gotten to know Dave throughout the years and I respect him as a player and more so as a person. I’m happy to be tied with him.”

Jeter shouldn’t have much trouble reaching the next four Hall of Famers ahead of him. He’ll tie Tony Gywnn at 3,141, Robin Yount at 3,142, Paul Waner at 3,152, and George Brett at 3,154. He’ll probably even reach Cal Ripken Jr. later on in the year at 3,184.

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10 thoughts on “Jeter ties Winfield for 18th on hit list

  • Bronx_Knight

    Wow. Looking at the list of people whom Jeter is poised to pass on the career hit list, puts into perspective how special he is.

    How far will Jeter get? In 2011, Jeter collected 162 hits, which was one of the lowest totals of his career. Let's say he gets 150 hits in 2012 and 2013, and gets 100 hits in 2014, when he will be 40. That would give him an additional 378 hits, putting him at 3,488, which would put him at number six all-time, behind Tris Speaker and ahead of Carl Yastrzemski.

  • Ryan

    150 hits in '12 and '13? for 30o in 2 years? Barring injury, I think you can put that number to 175 to 200. That 350 to 400 in 2 years seems much more realistic to me.

    • Bronx_Knight

      I think my estimate of 378 more hits between now and 2014 is conservative. I would love to see him get more. I would say he has an excellent chance to pass Tris Speaker at 3,514. Musial, at 3,630, would require him to get 520 more hits. That would require him to average about 180 hits in 2012, 2013, and 2014. That seems unlikely.

  • Mike Sommer

    Passing Yaz's 3419 would put Jeter into a tie for 7th place. Here are the totals baseball reference has. Rose 4256, Cobb 4189 (two less than what other sources list). Aaron 3771, Musial 3630, Speaker 3514, Anson 3435, Wagner 3420, Yaz 3419. I'd love to see him get #3500 which would put him sixth. Another major accomplishment would be passing Wagner—therefore making Jeter the all-time hits leader for someone who was primarily known as a SS (Jeter already has the most hits as a SS; Wagner, although primarily a SS, also played other positions a lot).

  • Fred

    Y'know, Pete Rose through his Age 37 season had 3164 hits, near the pace Jete is on now.

    Now, he had legendary durability and longevity, but its not entirely impossible, although highly unlikely

    • Rob Abruzzese Post author

      You have to remember with Pete Rose though – he was a player/manager and kept putting himself into the lineup long past when he should have stepped down.

      • Fred

        Yeah that's very true. I don't think Jeter is the type of person to stay around past his time.

  • Guest

    Yes, the STEROID has done good, but there will NEVER EVER be a place for him in the Hall of Fame.

    • Mike Sommer

      Say what? Are you nuts? Doubtful he is on it, and as far as Jeter and the HOF, he's a consensus 1st ballot Hall of Famer. What will be interesting is the percentage of the vote he and Rivera get.

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