Kuroda flip flopping like John Kerry

The Yankees are paying a ton of money to have Hiroki Kuroda on this team. There is the $10 million they are paying him and the $11 million they are paying the man he replaced, A.J. Burnett.

The reason the Yankees are paying $21 million to have Kuroda pitch on this team is because he has been a consistent veteran presence in his entire career. However, in his Yankee career he has flip flopped more than former presidential candidate John Kerry. Going from awful-to great-back to awful again-and last night he was good again.

“I think if I made any adjustments, it was mental adjustments,” Kuroda told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “I just concentrated on hitting my target — Russell’s mitt — and that’s what I was trying to do today.”

Hopefully Kuroda will settle into a grove and start to resemble the man who had a career 3.45 ERA in four years in The Bigs before this season. If he pitches all season like this, the Yankees are going to have a hard time being consistent. He was brought in to be their No. 2 starter and they need him to pitch that way. Hopefully this is part of the adjustment process going from NL to the AL.

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3 Responses to Kuroda flip flopping like John Kerry

  1. Andy says:

    So in that sense the Yanks are paying Pineda AJ's 11 Mil too? With your logic Sweatty Freddy deserves part of that 11 mil too then right?

    • I think you are missing the point. Besides, it's unlikely the Yankees trade one veteran, Burnett, without first acquiring the other. Cashman, unlike most fans, understands that somebody has to fill innings. You don't just give up on Burnett's 180-200 likely innings without first finding a replacement.

  2. hotdog says:

    One of the points to consider is that we may be getting a guy like AJ, who eats innings but is just as inconsistent…i think talking an NL pitcher and bringing him to the AL East is a tough transition.

    By the way, I sometimes have problems on this site with type entries being delayed. Do other people have that problem. HD

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