Mark Teixeira once again off to a slow start

With a career OPS of just .768, April is by far Mark Teixeira‘s worst month of his career. Last season he reversed that by putting up a .941 OPS in the first month, but that hasn’t lasted long as he is once again off to a slow start, putting up a lowly .639 OPS so far through the Yankees first nine games.

“I’ve gotten used to it,” Teixeira told Bryan Hoch of “I had a great start last year, but that was definitely not the norm. I’ve always been a slow starter; I don’t know why.”

“At the end of the year, I can be proud of my baseball card,” Teixeira said. “The back of my baseball card looks pretty good. I think that’s what I always think about. All the preparation I do, all the work I put in, it’s for 162 [games], not for eight, in this case.”

For the record, the back of Teixeia’s baseball card is not as pretty as it used to be. He peaked in 2008 with a OPS+ of 152. That fell to 141 in his first year with the Yankees then down to 124 in 2010 and 117 in 2011. So far it is just 81 this season, but there is a long way to go. His annual slow April is certainly not helping anything.

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2 Responses to Mark Teixeira once again off to a slow start

  1. cmclark says:

    But he's taken a new approach and could be the MVP… I just hope he comes to get a hold on a few balls, he looks fine a that plate just still pulling off a lot of pitches. Time will tell it seems.

  2. Fred says:

    Well last year he was strong in April and then fell off, if he has to have a bad April and then performs well I'll take it.

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