Martin and Andino fight over sign stealing

As Monday night’s Yankees game came to an end, Orioles infielder Robert Andino was clearly disturbed and had to be literally pushed off of the field by his manager Buck Showalter as he refused to back down.

Russell Martin refused to tell reporters what had happened, but a few Yankees explained to reporters that the two got into it after Martin accused Andino of sign stealing.

“I said something first,” Martin told George King of the NY Post. “I think I blacked out, I don’t remember…Anything is possible. Maybe he didn’t like the way I looked at him.”

Sign stealing is part of the game so it’s hard to kill Andino over this, but teams have to do what they can to prevent it which means Andino might take a fastball to the backside on Tuesday. Or maybe the O’s drill Martin for bringing it up after the game. Either way, it will add a little more intrigue to their next game.

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