Phelps and Wade star in Yankees 12th inning win

The two heroes from Tuesday night’s 12 inning affair was not the man who drove in the game winning run, Raul Ibanez, instead it was a pair of relievers – David Phelps and Cory Wade.

Freddy Garcia had absolutely no control of where his pitches were going. He threw five wild pitches in total and three of the four runs he allowed were wild pitch related. So the Yankees needed to call on their new long-man, David Phelps, to eat up some innings. He did exactly that, lasting 2.1 innings while pounding the strike zone and striking out four.

If anything Phelps was taken out of the game too early, ┬ábut with the way David Robertson pitches, it’s hard to argue against bringing him in the game. D-Rob pitched the 8th and Boone Logan failed to retire the one batter he was brought into face.

With the Yankees offense failing to score runs, they needed another multi-inning performance and got one from Cory Wade, who also tossed 2.1 scoreless innings. Wade’s innings weren’t quite as smooth as Phelps’, but with Rafael Soriano available and Girardi waiting to use Mariano Rivera for statistical purposes <sarcasm>can’t bring him in unless it’s a save situation </sarcasm>, Wade’s innings were just as big.

Speaking of waiting to use Rivera. With Rafael Soriano out with a torn fingernail, the Yankees were very fortunate to win that game. After the game Girardi told reporters that if the Yankees hadn’t taken the lead in the 12th inning he would have stuck with Rapada rather than turn to Mo.┬áThe Yankees would have had no chance at that point as he would have eventually faced the righties J.J. Hardy and Adam Jones and right handed batters have a career .485 OBP and 1.185 OPS against him.

Although, to be fair to Girardi, Soriano’s finger pretty much made it so he would have had to use Rapada as long as possible in that situation or be prepared to use a starter out of the bullpen in the event they didn’t take the lead in the one or two innings Mo would have been able to pitch. That’s what happens though when a team carries two LOOGY’s though.

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2 Responses to Phelps and Wade star in Yankees 12th inning win

  1. Frank Spero says:

    girardi is an asshole he jumps the gun all the time some times it works other times it doesn't its like he's saying I'M THE MANAGER THIS IS HOW ITS GOING TO BE what a jerk

  2. NYDEEG says:

    Joe Girardi does not know how to create up a lineup. My Gosh, you really think that A Roid is a cleanup hitter. He should be batting 8th with the DH Ibanez or Jones in the 5 hole. Cano should be batting 4th. Joe Girardi actually helped the Yanks lose thier first 2 games with his decisions. First game with CC on the mound, I would never have filled the bases…he is your #1 pitcher. I kind of get the feeling that Jose Pena [and I don't blame him] might have a better plan and just doesn't really put them into play [I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see Pinella back in uniform if Girardi doesn't start MANAGING the team]. And what is with Texiera…Dude, use you head, everyone else on the other teams hit the ball the oppisite way when there is a shift on so be a professional and a team player, all it will take is a couple of times either bunting or hitting the other way.

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