Pineda to get 2nd opinion before Yankees announce MRI results 20

As scheduled, Michael Pineda had a dye contrast MRI done today as doctors took a closer look at his shoulder that has kept him out since March. The Yankees won’t announce the results of the tests until a second doctor gets a look at it tomorrow, according to Bryan Hoch of

Even before Dr. Christopher Ahmad performed the MRI on Tuesday, Pineda’s agent requested a second opionion from the Mets team doctor, Dr. David Altchek. The two will confer and announce the results Wednesday.

“It’s not what you want,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi told Hoch. “We thought we were going to get a power pitcher that pitched very well and we believed had a very huge upside. Right now, we don’t have him, and right now I can’t tell you when we’re going to get him back.”

Pineda suffered a shoulder injury in his final spring training start before the regular season. He was shutdown until last week when he was scheduled to pitch two innings in an extended spring training game. He only made it through one inning though and left with a sore shoulder. So they shut him down again and they are having more tests done to make sure they didn’t miss anything the first time around.

It’s hard to say what to expect tomorrow. On one hand, the fact that he had to be shutdown a second time is a huge red flag. On the other, they might have found nothing again and just want to have some extra eyes on his shoulder before trying to get him back out there again.

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20 thoughts on “Pineda to get 2nd opinion before Yankees announce MRI results

  • hotdog

    When you trade a player there is a physical. I'm assuming they do not do an MRI on shoulders and elbows, is that true. I am wondering if Seattle knew anything about his shoulder and withheld or obscured this information. I know it sounds far-fetched but I'm just a little pissed. HD

  • hotdog

    i wonder if pitchers in different era's had these problems to this extent…it seems like a lot of pitchers have undergone TJ surgery and the like…what happened to these pitchers in the 40's, 50's…very few pitchers blew their careers out, some yes but it seems like there are many more pitchers with these problems in the 21st century.

  • Charles Dale

    This trade has been a disaster so far. This kid came into spring training overweight and out of shape and the first time a lot of reporters interviewed him, he got spooked. Now he is injured. I wish we could ship him back to Seattle and get our guy back. This kid seems to be immature and injury prone. All he had was a half of a good season last year. We should have went after Darvish. He seems to be the real deal. This Pineda, so far, is a BUST!

  • Yankeesfan1

    I think the Yanks got damaged goods…both physically and mentally. I saw Pineda pitch in spring training a couple timesand he looked spooked out of his mind. He will not be able to handle the pressure of pitching in NY…no way. As far as him being OK physically I guess we'll find out in spring training 2014 after he recovers from Tommy John surgery. I hope Campos is the real deal everyone says he is…then this trade might still work out.

  • hotdog

    Does Pineda speak English. Although many ballplayers speak Spanish, I think it helps to be able to communicate with everyone. Does Girardi speak Spanish?

  • hotdog

    It may also be important for the Yankees to consider placing Pineda at AAA for a while. As much as we need a healthy dominant Pineda in the rotation, he probably needs more of an adjustment period.

  • Mike Sommer

    Rob & Co. will have more, but Pineda will have surgery Tuesday. A tear in the shoulder, and everything was clean before the rehab start. Out a full year. Meaning not just this season, but taking into account training/rehab starts, I think we are looking at June 2013 at the earliest.

  • hotdog

    I think we may be looking at a very different Pineda when and if he returns to the mound…this is a very serious injury beyond the timetable for his recovery…this could be career ending…

  • Charles Dale

    Also, Hughes got ROCKED again tonight, Garcia can't pitch, Pineda is out for the year, the killer B's are having a BAD year in triple A and one of them is hurt. In other words, the Yankees have NO pitching AGAIN. What else is new. Their starting pitching stinks and we will be 1 and done like last year. A-Rod is hitting .221 LOL and we have him for 5 more years. Another disaster. This team is in trouble folks. Texas is better, Detroit is better, Tampa is better, etc. etc. AND…Cashman wants to REDUCE the payroll by about 20 million dollars while keeping ticket prices the same.

    GOOD LUCK with that Cashman. I will stay home, watch once in awhile on TV and just shake my head. The MOST important part of the game is pitching and our starting pitching is BAD. Now a days, you need young, athletic players and we have OLD players. Bring back George Steinbrenner from the grave. He could save the team. The sons are not into baseball like the father was.

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