Pineda to have shoulder surgery, out 12 months

The MRI results came back on Michael Pineda‘s shoulder and it turns out to be a right shoulder anterior labral tear that will keep him out at least a full year, according to Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News.

The doctor called it a “discrete tear” so he only needs less invasive arthroscopic surgery which will be performed next Tuesday, Feinsand reported.¬†Between that and the fact that Pineda’s rotator cuff has been unaffected (Dan Barbarisi),¬†the Yankees feel good about his chances of him being able to regain his old velocity after the surgery.

This is not Tommy John Surgery, which involves the elbow and is a generally successful surgery that most pitchers recover from just as good as ever. Shoulder surgery almost always involves setbacks and a lot of times pitchers just aren’t the same afterward. The Yankees make it sound like because this is not his rotator cuff that this might not be career altering. Let’s hope that is the case because shoulder surgery is nasty business for pitchers.

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  1. Marc Perez says:


  2. Gonzalo says:

    Nice Cashman the trade is working. And now his defendors saying "It's a trade for the future". Montero is present and future

  3. hotdog says:

    It was a good trade in theory…Yankees needed young pitching and to get a guy the caliber of Pineda was hard to pass up…i don't blame Cashman one bit…the Yankees needs were in the rotation not their offense…

    • Marc Perez says:

      Jose Campos is also beasting in the lower levels.

    • Gonzalo says:

      Yes we have an awesome offense, we saw it against Darvish and the Tigers in postseason. I'm kind of joking because we have a good offense but with very big holes, a lot of solo HRs and horrible RISP.

      The most important part for me was that Montero was bringing a cheap bat, to keep a good offense for more years. How much are we going to spend in Cano, Granderson or Swisher? I don't see good bats in AAA or AA, our good bats are very very very far.

      On the other hand we have a lot of good pitchers close to the big circus (Phelps, Warren, Mitchell, Betances, Banuelos and there was Noesi) Pineda was a doubt just like Nova, Hughes and like it would be Noesi, Phelps, Betances or Banuelos.

      • hotdog says:

        correct me if I'm wrong but we had either the best or 2nd best offense in the league in 2011…and we have the 2nd best offense in the majors this year…better pitching beats better hitting imo…you beat a team like the Tigers with better pitching…

        • Gonzalo says:

          Last year Rangers beat Tigers without better pitching, Are Wilsom or Lewis aces for you? Hahaha

          Best pitching staff: Halladay, Lee, Hamels and Oswalt beat by Pujols, Molina, Freese, Carpenter, Lynn.
          I will never agree with better pitching beats better hitting, It's a good mix from both. There are the giants with Cain, Lincecum and Bumgarner but no bats. When you have both is when you succes.

          Also I have no idea why are you telling me this, I mentioned Nova, Betances, Banuelos, Phelps and Noesi my point is that the trade was bad. If Pineda trade was for the future we already have the pitchers I just mentioned and Can you tell me a good bat coming for the next year or even 2014

      • Mike Sommer says:

        No good bat at AA? Check out cuban defector Ronnier Mustelier.

    • David K. says:

      Where do you people come up with this idea that it was a good trade in theory? I hated the trade from day one. Why would you give up your best prospect (who seemed born for Yankee Stadium) for a one-year pitcher who was coming off a bad second half? I know he was nowhere near as effective in the second half as he was first half. Since all you guys keep insisting he had a great second half, I'll give you his numbers: pre All Star break he was 8-6, 3.03 ERA in 18 games/113 innings/41R,81H. That was very good. Post All Star break, he was 1-4, 5.12 ERA in 10 games/58 innings/35R/52H. Not good at all, although better than A.J Burnett. Point is Pineda was losing effectiveness, which was the scouting report. He was losing some velocity and he was not as sharp. He also got his butt handed to him by every good lineup in baseball, while pitching great against flimsy lineups. That's not I want to see in any pitcher. But when it's a young pitcher, I'm not getting a guy who's coming off a poor second half.

      • hotdog says:

        Yankees were going nowhere in the playoffs without better pitching…when we were winning championships, we had a nice mixture of hitting and great starting pitching…we don't have that anymore…our offense is fine…Montero would have been a full time DH or backup catcher/DH…he wasn't the phenom we saw at the lower levels of the minors…i watched his career since day 1, thought he was the best hitting prospect I ever saw but his defense was abysmal…I also think the Yankees did not want to give up the DH spot to Montero for years…with aging starts needing rest and possibly Arod needing more time at DH, Montero may not have been used as effectively…bottom line for me was that the Yankees needed pitching a lot more than offense…focus needs to be on pitching…if our hitters go dry in the playoffs, we need guys that can win those 2-1, 3-2 games…right now we have CC…it was a smart move, so far it hasn't worked out…i don't blame Cashman for making this move…it was a questionable move, no doubt, but the Yankees needed pitching, were hamstrung financially to sign a big name, if that was possible at all, and wanted to build a rotation for the future…both Betances and Banuelos struggled at AAA last year and by the look of it, they are both starting off 2012 with issues…the rest of the AAA guys aren't considered anything other than back of the rotation starters at best…with this $189 mil budget looming and these long-term contracts choking the finances, the only way to get a decent pitcher was through trade…it was time to roll the dice…came up snake eyes…move on!

  4. Gonzalo says:

    Yu Darvish would come with the same questions as Pineda and It was only money. Montero would be here and If Darvish didn't work It was just a lot of money and for next season you could do with him the same we did with Igawa and that way he doesn't even count for Tax Payroll.

  5. Gonzalo says:

    I just found this comment and wanted to share it here:

    The lineup is full of strikeout artists and is too easy to pitch to by top pitchers.
    Last year the Yanks struck out 7.03 times per game (on average), hit 1.37 homers, batted .263 and scored 5.35 runs. In comparison, the averages for the last 7 Yankee championship teams were 5.53 strikeouts, 1.17 homers, .281 BA and 5.37. The championship teams were able to score just as many runs with less homers. They had more diversified offenses, struck out less and put the ball in play more. Teams such as this are tougher to pitch to.

  6. Mike Sommer says:

    Get real. There's no way Hamels or Cain would be getting dealt.

  7. hotdog says:

    It's easy to look at this and say that it was a bad trade. At first I thought the same thing. Maybe I've just tried to convince to the contrary but we really do need pitching…i understand your point about Pineda still basically being a prospect but so was Montero…he came up late last year and hit really well but I think the trade wasn't as lopsided as you may believe…i think we have a few chips to play with…Eduardo Nunez may be one of them…trade value on Betances and Banuelos are down but don't be surprised if Cashman parts with one of his prizes…i think something's going to happen within the next month…i just hope we don't sign Sidney Ponson again…lol

  8. The Yankees offense is ranked 2nd barely behind Texas in wOBA, a measure of pure hitting ability. They have the 2nd lowest K% and 5th best BB% out of every MLB team. With RISP, they have an outstanding 132 OPS+. If you aren't happy with the way the offense has been so far this season then you don't know what a good offense is. In 2012, only the Rangers are better and barely.

    • David K. says:

      I think Gonzalo was talking more about last year than this year. So far, I don't have a big problem with the offense this year. It's too early in the season and some guys (Cano) have not really started to hit. Yeah, a little bit better with RISP would be good, but it looks like some of the guys (Granderson, Tex) are trying to make more contact and they have done so. But it still is true that the kind of offense that we had last year (home runs and strikeouts) usually does not win in the post-season. It's up to Cashman to shape this lineup to get it a little more well rounded. We don't see it going in that direction, so that's really frustrating.

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