Quote: Jeter found a fountain of youth

Derek Jeter finished last season strong, hitting .331 over his final 69 games, he has also gotten off to a strong start this season, putting up a .370 average and a .969 OPS in the first six. It’s still early, but it has some people thinking that he could put together a big year almost two seasons after everyone thought he started a serious decline.

Scouts who talked to George King of the NY Post are among those who think Jeter could have a big year. They told King that the Captain looks quicker on the base paths and even like he found a foutain of youth.

“His legs look quicker,” said a scout. “The first step out of the box is quicker. It doesn’t seem to show up in his range in the field, but the first step from the plate is quicker.”

“He was 4.20 in Baltimore and the watches had him at 4.16 on the turf,” a scout said. 4.30 is the league average. “He looks great. He has found a natural fountain of youth.”

Like I said up top, it’s still early so don’t get too excited about Jeter yet. But it’s undoubtedly a positive sign that he is healthy and looks quicker so far this year. One thing you can never doubt about Jeter is his will to compete at a high level. I wouldn’t put it past him to have gone out and trained harder than he has in years past to improve his speed.

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2 Responses to Quote: Jeter found a fountain of youth

  1. J C Sysk says:

    Speed up! Run in place three minutes every 3 days lifting your knees as high as you can. you will be amazed how much faster you will be. it works for me and I'm 80.

  2. Jim Lyttle says:

    Let's not get to excited about Jeter's start…After hitting .334 in 2009, Jeter hit .330 in April of 2010. Then we know how 2010 turned out…

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