Read: Nick Swisher grew up hanging out with the Mets

There is a good article in the NY Times today by David Waldstein about Nick Swisher. Swisher is the son of former major leaguer Steve Swisher who was a Mets minor league manager and eventually a coach in Flushing. So early on Swisher was hanging around with the Mets as a young kid.

“This was the first big-league park that I can remember being around,” Swisher said. “During the games, my friend Eric and I would go on the back field with buckets of balls and just throw batting practice to each other, and then take a golf cart and drive it around and scoop up the balls and do it all over again. For me, it was the best vacation ever.”

From 1989 in the minors to 1993 hanging around the major league team, Swisher would take swings in the backfield, test his strength with Todd Hundley, and practice shagging flies in the outfield. Of course, as is usual with Swisher, there is lots of fun stuff in the article so I encourage you to check it out. Hopefully you don’t fall victim to the Times’ more strict paywall.

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    Fun article. Thanks, Rob.

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