Rumor: Yankees not planning extension talks with Martin

As is their usual style, the Yankees don’t plan on discussing an extension with Russell Martin, who will be a free agent after this year, during the season, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

This is not much of a surprise, but the latest trend in baseball is to lock up players before they hit the market so it’s not crazy to check in on this.¬†As long as there are other options available on the market, I expect Brian Cashman to be patient. Something that is not hard to do when Martin is hitting just .160 with a .577 OPS (he has walked nine times in 10 games for a .417 OBP).

The Yankees and Martin had discussed a possible extension over the offseason, but talks were quickly tabled as the two sides were seen to be far apart. The Yankees were thinking something along the lines of three-year and $21 million, which was actually a pay decrease on an annual basis. It was expected that Martin might want around $30 million, but that might have changed since a couple of potential free agent catchers have come off the market.

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4 Responses to Rumor: Yankees not planning extension talks with Martin

  1. Frank Spero says:

    after seeing some of the oppositions catchers hitting 'EVERY TIME THEY BAT' compared to ours i don't blame them were's the martin doubles and occasional homer

  2. Frank Spero says:

    maybe they should look at the batting coach

  3. NYDEEG says:

    I think that Martin will come out of his slump and get back to his Game soon. He loves being with the Yankees and I am sure that he will resign when all is said and done at the end of the year. The media needs to lay low on Martin…if they want to go after anybody, go after Useless A-Roid !!!

  4. shavager says:

    The season's a couple of weeks old an the writer's already trying to "create" a story, I'm surprised he's not calling for Jeter to be benched because he's too "old" to be a starter. Right now the best catcher the Yankees have is the starter named RUSSELL MARTIN, if he wasn't he'd be sitting the bench or getting traded and the spot upgraded.

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