Sherman: Yankees serious about $189 million and will not re-sign Swisher

Joel Sherman of the NY Post has been on the Yankees beat longer than any other writer for any publication. This means that he often has better sources and better insight as to what the Yankees future plans are. What he says is going to happen, usually ends up happening.

That is not good news for Nick Swisher as Sherman wrote yesterday that the Yankees are serious about getting their budget to $189 million by 2014 which means they will not re-sign Swisher this offseason.

It has been the case for a while now that this is a real possibility. The Yankees already have big commitments to a few players in 2014 and will need to give one or both of Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson a large raise if they plan on keeping them. That means that there won’t be much money to go around, the Yankees will likely face a tough choice between Swisher and Russell Martin. With no other catchers on the horizon (what happened to the Yankees depth behind the plate?), Swisher very well be on the short end of that stick.

Now, as much as I trust Sherman there are a lot of things that could happen between now and this offseason that could change the Yankees minds. Injuries are the most obvious, but Swisher could shock people and be willing to take a more team friendly deal to stay in the Bronx. Unforseen trades could also pop up that change the Yankees blueprint of the future.

Either way, if the Yankees are really serious about getting under the luxury tax threshold by 2014, tough decisions will be coming.

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15 Responses to Sherman: Yankees serious about $189 million and will not re-sign Swisher

  1. mike says:

    let martin go and give romine a shot next season. swisher at this point is the better player of the two and we dont have a replacement in right field either.

  2. Gerry M says:

    I live near the New Britain Rock Cats' stadium, so I've seen Austin romine play several times in the past for Double-A Trenton. I fully support Mike's recommendation – give Romine a shot! Offense is good but the Yankees can survive with an average-hitting catcher who is a superb defender.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Romine has to get back to playing, and playing well, first. We don't know when he will return from his back injury.

    • mike says:

      the yankees are already living with an average hitting catcher who plays good defense. romine seems like he could be a russell martin type player, another reason why he is a logical replacement for him next season. i hope they keep swish and let martin walk if they cant keep both.

  3. DartDude66 says:

    Romine is injury prone and is currently on the DL. I like Romine too but he isn't very dependable to play a whole season without getting hurt, that is from what we have seen of him so far. What about Cervelli and why do we have Stewart?

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Cervelli isn't hitting so far at AAA. As to why Stewart, he had no options. Cervelli did. Tough break for the Cisco Kid.

    • mike says:

      martin also has had trouble staying healthy in the past. id prefer the younger romine to start next season, we could then sign a veteran backup just in case he gets injured. romine would be fine until gary sanchez is ready. or if romine works out well then maybe he could be the catcher of the future.

  4. sheasky says:

    i have an idea trade A Rod,Swisher is more consistient hitter

  5. Dave says:

    Nick Swisher has put up consistent numbers and often times carried the Yankees on his shoulders for chunks of each season he's been with the club. He's making a relatively affordable $10.25 million this season and given how underrated he is, I'd be shocked to see anybody offer him more than 4 years/$60MM and more realistically 3 years/$40MM. Given all that, WHY would the Yanks let Swisher walk when he's leading the league in RBI's?

    I'll be confounded if the Yanks really do let Swisher walk after everything he's done as a Yankee.

    • mike says:

      they seem interested in extension talks with martin but they havnt mentioned swisher. i dont understand why they would prefer martin if they could one keep one in order to get under $189. its frustrating how highly they think of martin. i like him but swisher definately has been the better player.

    • mike says:

      Have you seen him in the postseason? TERRIBLE

  6. Tanned Tom says:

    Preposterous. $60 mil in salaries come off by 2014, with only about $36.5 worth of raises (keeping Granderson, Cano, Martin and Swisher). That's a net of $23.5 in reduction, some of which will be spent on the players that take the roster spots of the players that replace Jones, Ibanez, Soriano, Rivera, Kuroda, Garcia, et al. It will not be easy, but it is possible to keep Swisher and still get under $189 million for 2014. It isn't about money, it's about age, and positions. Swisher is 32 in November and will probalby want a long term deal. Giving a 32 year old player a contract for 3 or more years brings him into his decline phase. The other factor is that it is easier to replace a corner OF than a C. If Jeter wants to keep playing after 2014 (with over 3500 hits I think he will) at age 41 he'll most likely be done as a SS, and really only be suitable for LF or DH. At that time you'd move Gardner to CF and Granderson to RF.
    Too bad, I like Swisher. But if he'll take a 3 year deal for $36 mil he can probably keep wearing pinstripes.

  7. gator says:

    As a long time Yankee fan – and Swish supporter – I'm asking myself, with the all of the millions floating around – not to me – do I really care?

  8. bagender says:

    swisher brings more than offense and defense; he brings SUNSHINE!

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