Soriano rigs finger to help the Yankees beat Orioles

As Wednesday night’s game got closer to the 9th inning and the two teams tied at 4-4 there was a growing concern that the Yankees might not have enough relievers to outlast the Orioles. But with their backs against the wall, the Yankees called on Rafael Soriano who couldn’t pitch the night before because of a split finger.

Soriano’s finger not only held together on Wednesday, but he was effective on the mound and was a big part of the reason why they didn’t have to turn to Clay Rapada to try to keep the Yankees in the game.

So how did Soriano keep his finger together?┬áHe told Chad Jennings of the Journal News that he put “medicine,” super glue, and tape on his finger to hold it together as he went out there and toughed out a big 1.1 innings.

This season has been a much better one for Soriano than last year. Not only is he pitching better on the mound, but he’s also flashed a few smiles and last night was a display of determination as it couldn’t have been easy to go out there and deal with the pain. It’s hard to say if he would have done the same thing last season, but his entire personal he exuded a year ago says he probably would have been indifferent to a game so early in April.

Or maybe I’m reading it wrong. Either way, it was a gutsy performance Wednesday night and it helped get the Yankees a win.

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2 Responses to Soriano rigs finger to help the Yankees beat Orioles

  1. NYYinATL says:

    Having essentially three closers is a HUGE advantage for this team!

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    I too, was surprised by Soriano's gutting one out for the team. Big change from last year, and very welcomed.

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