Stewart will not be Sabathia’s personal catcher

Last season it was Francisco Cervelli who caught most of CC Sabathia‘s start and so far this year Chris Stewart has caught half of them including the last two. Should we expect a similar situation to last year where Cervelli served as a de facto catcher to The Big Man? Not according to what Joe Girardi said.

“I am not looking at a personal catcher,’’ Girardi told George King of the NY Post. “With the backup catcher it’s sometimes easier to catch the same guy. It’s just another day [for Russell Martin]. He will play the next two days.’’

It’s not that Sabathia doesn’t like Martin, but considering he’s the Yankees best and most consistent weapon on the field it seemed like the best night to take a hit on offense last year. This season it seems to have been coincidence more than anything so far.

Considering that Martin needs time off anyway, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have Stewart catch the bulk of CC’s games. However, flexibility in when Martin should and shouldn’t be playing is more important and if Stewart is his primary catcher than Martin and CC could potentially fall out of sync which would be bad come playoff time.

My guess is that Tuesday night won’t be the last time that we see Stewart catch Sabathia, but it may happen less frequently than it did with Cervelli last season.

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