Tales of a Yankees fan living in diaspora

“Yankees suck, Yankees suck,” it’s a common chant, but for most of you Yankee fans, it’s something you probably only hear on TV. Me? Well, I’ve been living in what I like to refer to as the diaspora for much of the last fifteen years, so when I get to see my team play live, it’s in road grays and it’s at the opposing team’s stadium. Even my cat, Thurman, is gray.

Fortunately, these days I am living in Minneapolis so I actually don’t hear it that much. I have yet to miss a Yankee game at the Twins’ beautiful new, downtown park Target Field. Unlike most other cities, Twins fans seem to know their place, they know their team is going to lose to the Evil Empire. How much so? Last season, I nearly felt sorry for Twinkies fans suffering though an awful season. There I am in my Dave Winfield #31 pinstriped Yankee uniform consoling them before the game that A.J. Burnett “pitched” that they would probably take that one out of the four game series.

But, having spent two seasons living in the Bay Area, I can’t say anything nice about A’s fans. Maybe it’s their awful park, or maybe it’s their now-perennially awful team, but Oakland fans tend to just be kind of nasty to Yankee fans; there I have had things thrown at me – and I don’t just mean words.

Now, back to that chant which started up in Boston (personally I wouldn’t go to Fenway unless they burned it to the ground and salted the earth so nothing could ever grow in its place) but has spread like the flu. When I left New York and moved to the West Coast after the 2001 World Series, I was lucky to have the Yankees make the trip out West very early in the season. I travelled along for all three games against the aforementioned A’s and then three more up in beautiful Safeco field versus the Mariners.

The first game up there in Seattle, I recall sitting in the right-field seats as the Yanks started to take it to the home-team and that chant started up, but it was feeble at best. Me and another Yankee fan, who was sitting near me, stood up and joined their “Yankees suck” chant, but with gusto. Heads turned, people looked at us – garbed in all our Yankee finery – and didn’t know what to think. The best part? The PA announcement at the commencement of the following day’s game warning fans that language used the day before would not be tolerated. Yeah, I did that.

Now, I have had the glorious privilege of seeing quite a number of post-season games at Yankee Stadium, so don’t feel too sorry for me. At my first World Series game in 1981 (Game 2) I had the honor of being flipped the bird by Dodger’s pitcher Jerry Reuss; I’d been getting on him about the home run he’d given up to Bobby Murcer the night before, so I guess I had it coming.

But still, nothing to date beats being at Game 3 of the 1998 World Series against the Padres. A partisan crowd to be sure, I was very lucky to get a ticket at the last minute. Having called in sick to work, I was sitting high up down the first-base line and San Diego fans had been getting on me something fierce all night long. And they were as loud as Southern California fans can get, gloating over the lead Trevor Hoffman had in the ninth.

Then Scott Brosius took Hoffman yard and I think even their closer could hear me down on the mound because the place, which had been rollicking, got dead quiet; just like their season and their hopes. Yes, not much beats singing, “New York, New York” at Yankee Stadium after a World Series win; but that night singing it alone, as a Padre fan, who had been on my case all night long, bought me a beer, was something else. Yankees suck, indeed.

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10 Responses to Tales of a Yankees fan living in diaspora

  1. Keena says:

    I wish they'd spruce up those gray unis a bit.

  2. darwin zoo says:

    An earned beer and properly done…

  3. Bronx_Knight says:

    Nice article about life on the "other side," but it's not all gloom-and-doom for Yankees fans out there. I lived and worked for two years in Fort Worth in the early 2000's, and typically about 1/4 of the Ballpark at Arlington was Yankees fans. My Dad lives down in the Tampa Bay area where, until recently, Yankees fans would frequently outnumber (Devil) Rays fans.

    There are a lot of NY-area transplants across the country, especially in the so-called "Sunbelt."

  4. alcan says:

    I live in the tampa area and the trop is like3 a second home for the yanks as apparent by today's game. A sea of Yankee fan in disbelief as the rays swept us this weekend. Rays fans are learning to do their r best impersonation of obnoxious but as newbies they seem to even fail at that. Oh well, now that the yanks are leaving town, the trop will go back to being a ghost town. I truly wish there would be more rays fans. i would hate for the the rays to be moved… then where would I have to go to see the Yanks play?

    • Mark Panuthos says:

      amen brother – I live in St Pete. I love the Trop, or as I call it, Yankee Stadium South. Parking is never an issue, and tickets are dirt cheap!

  5. Mike Sommer says:

    The A's. The place where you can't even hear John & Suzyn on the radio because some idiot with a blowhorn sits right under the broadcasting booth blowing the damn thing all game long.

  6. klaus says:

    Great photo

  7. mlblogsaugustine says:

    I live in St. Louis…the supposed mecca of baseball and fans (yeah, right). I can totally identify with the agression from non-Yankee fans. Because of which I now despise and refer to them as the St. Louis Squirrels (rally squirrel? really?).

  8. jenniferr101 says:

    Yankees hands down. Boston is 2nd but not nearly like the Yanks. People are probably giving Yankees tickets away because they are a horrible team. In general I hate New York teams the most though- especially the Jets.

  9. Brad Reid says:

    You seem like a decent NYY fan, but seriously, how hard is it to be a yankee fan? NYY fans live in a cloud. They have not idea what it's like to deal with issues that face most baseball teams. I love it when the Yanks go down. So sorry to see what happened to MO, but this is good for baseball in general.

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