The Yankee beat: D-Rob’s charity, No. 1 in MLB, Red Sox death

The winter is finally over and the Yankees have returned to action. But they lost 7-6 to the Rays when Mariano Rivera blew a save, CC Sabathia wasn’t sharp, and Joe Girardi made some questionable moves. Here is what the blogosphere was talking about today.

  • Bleeding Yankee Blue is selling t-shirts and giving $1 from each shirt to David Robertson‘s charity, High Socks for Hope. They are also donating $1 for each D-Rob strikeout. If you read his blog, it wouldn’t hurt to buy a t-shirt.
  • FanGraphs did their organizational rankings and rated the Yankees No. 1 in baseball. If the Dodgers are worth $2 billion, how much are the Yankees worth?
  • It’s About The Money took a look back at the last time the Rays played the Yankees and asks the question, “Where were you when the Red Sox died?” I was on my couch watching and screaming my head off.

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