The Yankee beat: Jedi Mind Tricks, instant replay, & Phil Hughes

Curtis Granderson‘s 3-home run, 5-for-5 night saved a mixed start from Phil Hughes as the Yankees beat the Twins 7-6 to split the four game series. Here is our recap.

Here is what the Yankees blogosphere was talking about today.

  • Zell’s Pinstriped Blog says that while the focus has been on the Yankees offense, particularly their struggles with RISP, it should be on the pitching staff that so far has not performed up to expectations (the rotation at least).
  • The Yankee Analysts recommends that MLB needs instant replay via Challenge Flags and a War Room. It seems like they need to do something to improve the game.
  • River Ave Blues calls Phil Hughes’ fastball in peak form, but blames his struggles on a lack of quality secondary pitches.

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2 Responses to The Yankee beat: Jedi Mind Tricks, instant replay, & Phil Hughes

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Are we done with Hughes yet? This guy is just not cut out to be a starter. The rotation sucks right now, so um, let's make some changes? Okay, so Andy is back in May, and Pineda too. That means 2 starters should lose their spots. Garcia is no longer needed and should be traded. He was a stop gap signing LAST YEAR, and should be traded so as to not take a roster spot from a player who might be with the club in 2014. Thanks Freddy, enjoy Cleveland.
    As for Phil-flop Hughes, the Giants need a closer, so either we fob him off on Brian (no brains) Sabean on the strength of 2009, or find another desperate GM.
    For right now, how about trading Garcia, and moving Phelps into the rotation. Then when Pettitte is back, move Hughes to the pen. Then when Pineda is ready, move Phelps to the pen, and trade Hughes.

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