The Yankee Beat: the speed game, Teixeira, and Garcia

It wasn’t pretty, but the Yankees finished off the sweep of the Orioles with a 6-4 win in 10 innings that gets the back to .500. Read our recap here. Here is what the blogosphere was talking about today.

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One Response to The Yankee Beat: the speed game, Teixeira, and Garcia

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    OK, so I read the Pinstripe Alley article on the Garcia re-signing. Their argument is that Freddy is not better than young, AAA guys in the Yankees organization, like Phelps, and by re-signing Garcia for $4M, the Yankees are blocking younger, cheaper guys from moving up.

    Freddy had an excellent 2011. When we re-signed him, we were desperate for quality starters. It's nice that Andy Pettite miraculously came out of retirement, but there was no way to know that when we re-signed Freddy. Hindsight is 20-20, but the Garcia re-signing was absolutely correct.

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