Yankees celebrate Fenway anniversary with 5 homers

It took the Yankees bats a little while to wake up, but yesterday’s five home run performance during the celebration of Fenway Park leaves them with 24 homers, the most in the major leagues.

The homers tend to pile up quickly though when Curtis Granderson smacks three on Thursday night followed by a five homer outbreak on Saturday including a pair by the seldom used Eric Chavez.

Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira each hit one in the past two days, a sign each of them are heating up. And perhaps more importantly Russell Martin, who has really struggled so far this season, hit one and afterward looked like he had a huge weight lifted off his shoulders.

A lot of attention has been put on the inconsistency of the Yankees offense so far this season, but that is the ebb and flow of baseball. No team is going to hit with RISP all season long and teams are going to go through power outages. In this case it seemed worse because it came at the start of the season. As you can see, one big weekend and the statistic start looking right again.

This is one powerful Yankees offense that is going to keep them out of prolonged slumps that most other teams will find unavoidable.

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  1. Matt_DC says:

    Seeing Swish lose that ball in the midday sun gave me a flashback of Lou Pinella in 1978. The Yankees won that game too.

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