Yankees top prospect Banuelos lands on DL with Adams

Not exactly breaking news as both of these things happened over the weekend, but they are important and didn’t want to miss them.

The Yankees have placed their top prospect, LHP Manny Banuelos, and another strong prospect in 2B David Adams on the DL with a lat strain and a stiff neck respectively, according to George King and Josh Norris.

Banuelos’ back injury is especially troubling, but GM Brian Cashman said he only expects him to miss one start and if it explains his early struggles than it’s not so bad. However, back injuries tend to linger, especially in pitchers.

Adams’ injury is troubling in the respect that he has been on the DL for almost two years now. He needs to be out there and playing otherwise he could risk falling really hurting his development. This isn’t related to his ankle though so it’s not nearly as big a deal as it could be though. Hopefully he gets past this quickly and can get back on the field and playing regularly.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Better a back muscle strain than elbow or shoulder problems.

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