A-Rod blasts 2 homers as critics get louder

Alex Rodriguez has been losing power each year since 2007 when he last won the MVP. This season it has been especially bad though as he has almost turned into a singles hitter. Well last night he blasted out with a pair of home runs to power the Yankees to an 8-3 victory.

If you listen to A-Rod though, he was long overdue.

“I just felt I was getting good pitches to hit and I wasn’t in a position to hit them,” A-Rod told he told Brian Heyman of the Journal News. “The last two or three days, I’ve taken a lot of swings. Today I put myself in a position to take my A swing.”

A-Rod has 45 hits this season and just 12 of them are for extra bases. His slugging percentage has dropped each year from .645 in ’07 to .404 this year. His overall numbers are decent, .276/.369/.404/.773, but that is a far cry from the player he once was.

Perhaps he is finished as an elite force in the lineup. Or perhaps last night was a sign of that things will get better. We’re still only about 25 percent through this season so there is a lot of time left to find out.

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3 Responses to A-Rod blasts 2 homers as critics get louder

  1. uyf1950 says:

    Rob, I'm curious if your article is about the most recent game and A-Rod's performance. When you give his stats for the year shouldn't they be through that game and not the prior game? Just in the interest of accuracy through yesterday his numbers are: .281/ .372/ .444/ .815 NOT .276/.369/.404/.773 as you state in your piece.

  2. Dean Sabado says:

    Hit 10 by the end of the month of May, and June pick it up to 15-20, then you're looking at 680 by the end of the year. To hit 89 homeruns for the record then to retire end of next year. That's the plan for A-Rod.

  3. David K. says:

    We can't depend on A-Rod to be an elite power hitter anymore. It's not just pitching that we need, you know. The lineup is really old and just not versatile enough to compete against the young talented teams. We need to do a better job at developing some positional prospects. Seems we have got a lot of young pitching depth but little in the way of outfielders or infielders who are big time prospects. This problem will catch up to us soon. We're already paying for it by having to play guys like Dewayne Wise all the time.

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