A-Rod, Cano, Teixeira show signs of life and need to show more

The Yankees offense was bad last week. Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner were gone, but the biggest problem was the struggling Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, and Mark Teixeira. The trio have been the Yankees 3-4-5 hitters this season, but because of inconsistencies, manager Joe Girardi has been forced to juggle them in the lineup to try to get some production out of them.

On Sunday Cano hit a grand slam, A-Rod hit a three-run home run, and Mark Teixeira walked twice, something he hasn’t been doing as much this season. Positive signs from all three players.

Cano has been particularly disappointing since he is still in his prime and has not yet entered the decline phase of his career similar to Teixeira and A-Rod. He has been hitting the ball on the ground more than ever this season, putting up a .255/.303/.355 line so far this season. So watching him hitting the ball hard in a big spot and going 2-for-5 is a great sign.

A-Rod has actually been hitting the ball pretty well lately.¬†After going 2-for-4 on Sunday, he now has a .361/.465/.528 line over his past 10 games with a pair of home runs. Girardi has been DH’ing him a lot lately and it may be paying off.

Teixeira has been bad lately, and a 0-for-3 yesterday didn’t help, but he did walk twice. Not a big deal? Consider that he hasn’t walked once in almost a month going back to April 15 and that his walks total last season was his lowest since 2005. He has grown impatient over the years and what we’ve seen from him lately is troubling. Sunday could be a sign that he is seeing the ball better. Considering he homered on Friday night, he very well could be.

These are obviously small samples of what has been going on lately, but the hope is that it is a sign of things to come. As bad as these three important players have been playing, what we saw on the final day of a horrible week was very encouraging.

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