Details of Pettitte’s $2.5M contract

Andy Pettitte reportedly signed a one-year $2.5 million minor league deal during the offseason. Those deals are typically pro-rated meaning that since he didn’t start the season with the Yankees, Pettitte wouldn’t receive the full $2.5 mil. That isn’t the case those as the contract is worded in such a way that he’ll receive the full portion, according to an AP report.

Here’s what the report says:

Pettitte was put on the major league roster Sunday after missing the 2011 season. His contract calls for a $2 million base salary, and since he missed the first 39 days of the season the prorated share of his base pay is $1,573,770.

His contract calls for two roster bonuses: $500,000 for five days and $250,000 for 10 days. It also calls for performance bonuses of $500,000 for one start and $250,000 each for two and three starts.

However, the contract says his total of base salary and earned bonuses cannot exceed $2.5 million.

So Andy gets his full $2.5 million. Still one heck of a deal for a veteran left hander.

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