Girardi comfortable with Soriano as closer

Last season the Yankees overpaid Rafael Soriano more than $30 million to be the team’s setup man and between him and Joba Chamberlain it seemed like the Yankees had the eventual heir to Mariano Rivera. Then David Robertson became one of the best relievers in baseball and a couple of injuries to Joba and Sori and it quickly became Robertson who was the most important non-Mariano reliever and naturally he took over the job as closer when Mo went down.

After his own abdominal injury, the tables may be turned and Soriano is the team’s closer and may be even when Robertson returns.

“Let’s just see where we are when Robbie gets back and how Robbie’s doing and how he feels,” Girardi told Brian Heyman of the Journal News. “I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes. But I’ve been comfortable bringing in Sori where we’re bringing him because of his experience and what he’s done.

“Obviously he’s had a track record as a closer that’s been very successful, and I expect him to do that here, too.”

It probably isn’t a big deal. Soriano has been solid coming out of the pen this season. His BB/9 of 4.7 needs to come down, but his 8.2 K/9 and 2.35 ERA are solid. Besides, one of the things that has made Robertson so effective has been his ability to come into any situation and bail the Yankees out. Having him in more of a fireman role than as a strict 9th inning guy may end up being more beneficial.

No matter who it is, the Yankees will have a good back end of the bullpen.

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