Ivan Nova optimistic he can make his next start

Ivan Nova is walking around the clubhouse with a limp after he hurt his ankle on Monday, but he still thinks that he might be able to make his next start and even his manager agrees it’s a possibility.

“We really probably don’t have to make a decision until Saturday game time,” Girardi told Marc Carig of the Newark Star-Ledger. “It’s not completely abnormal for a guy to miss a bullpen, to skip a bullpen, if they’re a little bit fatigued. So, you prefer that they don’t.”

Nova actually admitted to reporters that he was scared, but he has experience dealing with this type of injury from last year and said this wasn’t as bad.

It’s good to hear that he thinks he can make his next start. Even if he can’t, it sounds like this isn’t anything more than skipping one start. If that’s the case than David Phelps should have no problem filling in.

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