Jayson Nix gets called up

Via Sweeney Murti of WFAN, Jayson Nix has been called up by the Yankees to replace Eric Chavez.

The corresponding move will likely be to place Chavez on the DL for his whiplash/concussion injury. Nix has played every position except first and catcher. He only has one option, and he’s no whiz with the bat, but he should be a solid replacement for Chavez while he’s out.

In 778 career at bats, Nix has a .207/.280/.368/.648 quadruple slash. Basically, he’s Cody Ransom with more defensive versatility. It doesn’t appear likely that the team will call up another utility player, as they seem content with starting Raul Ibanez in right field while Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher heal.

Curtis Granderson, God bless you for having to be the captain of that outfield.

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4 Responses to Jayson Nix gets called up

  1. Riccardo says:

    Now Joe better call up another pitcher, as Mariano looks like he will be out for a while. I cannot believe that he hurt himself shagging flies. His knee looks bad, and it was written all over his face when they loaded him in the cart. This team seems snake-bit.

  2. Greg Corcoran says:

    Wow, just saw this. As stoic as Mariano usually is, for him to be "writhing in pain" he's gotta be out for the season.

    • Riccardo says:

      Yes, he was being brave but in a lot of pain. Let's pray that it's not an ACL or other structural damage. If his knee were just twisted, I doubt he would have reacted that way But he's superhuman, so maybe it's just a sprain and he'll only be out a couple of weeks. Remember the story of when Mantle ran into the drain in left-center field. His knee and career were never the same.

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